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ALUMINUM Patio Covers

Aluminum Patio Covers, are more economically priced but have the look and feel of metal.
Functionally, they will outlast a wood patio cover and without maintenance.


Aluminum Patio Covers are maintenance free but aesthetically, there is no comparison with real wood.

Our Orange County Patio Covers unrivaled Nation Wide.

Many homeowners are not happy when they decide to go aluminum. A common statement I hear is “It looked in the brochure but after it was installed, I was very disappointed. It looks and feels cheap.” To many homeowners, Aluminum Patio Covers have the ambiance of a gas station roof. I agree, and for that reason we do not work with them.

Aluminum is more weather resistant but I don’t think it’s worth the trade off, especially when real wood can be carefully crafted to last 30 to 40 years with very little maintenance. Our weather proofing techniques are the best around. We are innovators not followers. We invent our own techniques born from four decades of paying attention to what works and what does not.