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DRY ROT, TERMITE, WOOD REPAIR: Patio Covers Orange County with Blue Knight:

After an accurate assessment of the root cause, and replacement of the Dry Rotted and/or Termite infested wood, we can also fix the poor workmanship that caused the damage in the first place.

Patio Covers Orange County are are superior to all in the country

What You Should Know about Dry Rot, Termite and Wood Repair: In Orange County, homeowners including myself are constantly faced with the daunting task of maintenance on our homes. Dry Rot Repair are at the top of the list. Sometimes it seems like the upkeep on our houses is never ending, and expensive repairs become necessary much too often.

As both a contractor and an Orange County homeowner I feel that when home repairs do come up, it's very important to also find and fix the root causes of them. It's very important to eliminate the environments that cause such things like dry rot and termite infestations.

The need for dry rotted and termite wood repair is a result of reoccurring contact with water or dampness. Therefore, roof leaks and siding leaks are a major source of dry rot and termite occurrences.

You should also consider having the contractor assess and redesign those problem areas that are causing the diseased wood in the first place. We are experts in this field. We will not only replace the damaged wood but we can also trace down and eliminate the causes.

We have served Orange County since 1980. We have unique and innovative dry rot and termite repair solutions for Patio Covers. An important part of the job is to assess what caused the wood rot or termite infestation in the first place. It's not just about the paint!