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Our Orange County Patio Cover Expert, Gio.

"Gio", Our best Carpenter ever by far!
Smart and trustworthy, I can count on him!
He specializes in Patio Cover Construction and Repair, Dry Rot Repair, Exterior Gates.
He loves and take's great pride in his work!

Our Orange County Patio Cover Expert nunber 2, Ryan.

Ryan B.,  A.K.A. "The Wood Wizard
He specializes in Patio Cover Construction and Repair, Dry Rot Repair, Exterior Gates, Interior Finish and Exterior Carpentry, Doors, Windows.
He loves what he does for a living!

Patio Cover Painter.

Sean H.
He also specializes in Rough Carpentry, Painting, (Meticulous Prep, and the right Primer and Paint). His Painting techniques are different than the Orange County standards. Believe it or not, there is a difference. The standard painting techniques are what caused your Patio Cover or Fascia Boards to weather prematurely. Our Patio Covers will outlast the Orange County Competition by triple.

At Blue Knight Patio Covers, we do not follow basic industry standards, we exceed them by far. If the average homeowner only knew what goes on behind the scenes in the patio cover industry, or what is actually being done to waterproof the top layers, they would be disheartened to put it mildly.

I am constantly amazed at what kind of individuals actually get away with calling themselves "patio cover experts", this includes contractors and their employees... That said, in rare cases competent "patio cover experts" do exist and they would also share my opinion about the patio industry throughout Orange County and elsewhere.

It's a mistake to assume that all patio cover contractors follow techniques that will allow your patio to last. The reality is that the contractors and workers are pretty much on their own, and faced with a lot of variables that few pay attention to. This is why your patio cover needs attention now.

At Blue Knight Patios, you get true quality craftsmen (as defined by us), because we train our guys from the ground up, without the baggage of poor industry techniques. We will prove that you made the right decision throughout the job and not just during a sales pitch.

These guys wouldn't work for us if we didn't embrace a higher standard. In the end, it's all about Our Techniques and the Craftsmen who take great pride in their work.