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PATIO COVER REBUILD, Patio Covers Orange County with Blue Knight:

Patio Covers Rebuild 1. Patio Covers Rebuild 1.

After a thorough inspection and assessment of the patio cover to see if repairs will be possible, it may be determined that a complete rebuild is necessary. Unfortunately, industry standards are poor and inadequate. Poor Patio Cover workmanship and industry practices are always the cause premature dry rot and termite infestation. It doesn’t need to be that way.

It's very important to us to rebuild using our original and “out of the box” weatherproofing techniques. If a patio cover is weather resistant, it is also dry rot and termite resistant.

We are unrivaled experts at this! I embrace the practice of original thinking instead of blindly following flawed practices and standards of the patio cover construction industry.

If we simply followed industry standards, your patio cover would again become food for the termites all too soon. My weatherproofing techniques are born from four decades (Since 1980), as one of the top roofing contractors in the US. If you want a different result, you need to hire a contractor with different techniques.