Wood Pergolas/Patio Covers Orange County
Wood Patio Covers & Pergolas & Pergolas Orange County.
  Call Us, We Will Answer.

Wood Pergolas/Patio Covers Orange County with Blue Knight:

Wood Patio Covers & Pergolas Orange County

"Your Experience" will be uniquely pleasant from the beginning.

Step 1) Please Call Us.

Step 2) You will consult with a knowledgeable and friendly contractor (Me). Friendly Percola/Patio Cover wink face

Step 3) I will personally meet with you at your job and provide a detailed estimate.

Step 4) If you give us the go ahead, we will provide a sketch of your New Pergola/Patio Cover and detailed contract and our approximate schedule date.

During Each Day) We will stay on it every day until we finish, keeping you updated daily via text. We bring our own restroom facilities.

Day 1) Demolition, Cleanup and Haul Away Old Pergola/Patio Cover. (Introduce you to Giovonni)

Day 2) Bring and paint the big wood: Posts, Headers and Rafters.

Day 3) Install Posts, Headers and Ledgers. 

Day 4)  Cut Corbels, Install Rafters/Joists

Day 5) Install Slats.

Day 6) Caulk, touch up, fine details, clean up. 

On average, your New Pergola/Patio Cover will take 6 to 8 working days.