Wood Pergolas/Patio Covers Orange County
Wood Patio Covers & Pergolas & Pergolas Orange County.
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Wood Pergolas/Patio Covers Orange County with Blue Knight:

A Wood Pergola has an organic feel. Hard to describe, but it's there…

Barbecues and family gatherings are hosted...
Jokes and Stories are passed down and boasted...
Memories for generations they bring...
A Wood Pergola, inspires all of these things...

Wood Patio Covers & Pergolas Orange County

Wood Patio Covers & Pergolas Orange County Wood Patio Covers & Pergolas Orange County Wood Patio Covers & Pergolas Orange County Wood Patio Covers & Pergolas Orange County

Wood Patio Covers & Pergolas Orange County


• We at Blue Knight Construction have developed the right techniques for a weather resistant and therefore a Dry Rot and Termite resistant construction.

• Maintenance and Longevity: It's not unusual for an exterior wood structure such as a Patio Cover to last 30 years or more if was constructed using proper exterior framing techniques as opposed to interior framing techniques.

The only maintenance you should expect is a periodic painting of just the top where the sun hits it the most, but only at the same interval as the rest of your house. However, if our unique waterproofing techniques are used, maintenance is greatly reduced.

We pre-paint all lumber including saw cuts prior to installation, so there's never a wood on wood connection which would cause water to permeate into the wood.

With the proper beam stacking, flashings, paint brand and viscosity, caulking, etc, you can expect many years of maintenance free enjoyment.

Appearance: The use of rough sawn wood adds a beautiful raised woodgrain texture. You can't beat the look and feel! Wood provides a warm authentic ambience that fake wood aluminum just can't give you.

• Continuity & Property Value:Your Orange County home is built of wood and has exposed wood trim and fascia board. A continuation of same or similar materials and textures throughout your home promotes a balanced uniformity and supports high property values. 

Obviously not everyone likes the look and feel of a metal structure in there backyard. A good realter might advise you that installing an Aluminum Patio Cover would reduce the market and therefore the value of your home.

• Expense:A Wood Pergola/ Patio Cover can cost a bit higher that aluminum, especially if it is crafted properly.

• High Wind Areas: Wood out performs Aluminum which is much lighter.