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Wood Patio Cover/Pergola Repairs

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Aliso Viejo residents, we know that you have many choices of Wood Patio Cover/Pergola Contractors and we appreciate your consideration. It is our privilege to serve this beautiful and gracious community.

Let's Get Right to the Reason for your Google Search Today:

Simply put, the real reason why your existing wood Patio Cover/Pergola now has dry rot and/or termites, is because of poor weather proofing techniques used during it's original construction.

We on the contrary, use our own techniques and follow higher standards as defined by us. Contractor Joe Ronstadt has a background in engineering and construction innovation. We do not simply paint and nail wood like our competitors. We use our own unique weather proofing techniques that will provide years of trouble-free enjoyment and outlast our competitors by far.

Our Services in Aliso Viejo Include: Patio Cover/Pergola Repairs, New Construction, Dry Rot and Termite Repair.

We offer true quality craftsmanship by training our carpenters from the ground up without the baggage of poor industry techniques. We'll prove to you that you made the right decision throughout the job and not just during a sales pitch.

Long story short, our Aliso Viejo Patio Covers/Pergolas are constructed with unsurpassed weather proofing techniques. If you want a better result, call Blue Knight Construction.

Courtesy Trivia about Aliso Viejo:

Aliso Viejo is Orange County's 34th city as of 2001. Once part of the Molton Ranch and owned by the Molton family in the 1890's and originally by the Mexican government in 1842. Aliso Viejo was the first community in California to plan a balance between the projected resident work force and the number of projected jobs with its borders (wikipedia).

Aliso Viejo City Info:
Website, https://www.cityofalisoviejo.com
City Hall location, 12 Journey, Suite 100 Aliso Viejo, CA. 92656-5335
Phone, 949.425.2500